Nortek Signature 55 ADCP

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Nortek Signature 55 ADCP
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Nortek is pleased to introduce the Signature55, a dual frequency long range current profiler that uses broadband processing and modern electronics to give you the most flexible current profiler available. Designed to be mounted on buoys and offshore platforms for online applications or in bottom frames and subsurface buoys in stand alone mode, the instrument has a verified range of 1000m in the open ocean. It also comes with a host of new features, including a complete Ethernet interface.

The AD2CP is Nortek’s broadband Doppler signal processing platform. It is the product of thousands of engineering man-hours and includes a series of innovative elements, which will open doors to new applications and inspire exciting research possibilities.

AD2CP broadband combines frequency modulated transmissions with fast sampling rates and adjustable bandwidth. The result is unparalleled performance in both standard and specialized applications.

AD2CP hardware can alternate between multiple measurement modes. One instrument replaces several by offering concurrent or alternating measurements of currents, turbulence, waves and ice.

AD2CP recorders will store all raw Doppler and sensor data. Improve data quality by removing contamination from fish or other influences.

AD2CP Ethernet connection provides easy access to the instrument from any location, simple integration into instrumentation networks, and fast recorder download.

AD2CP adjustable power output facilitates long endurance operation by allowing new shortrange applications, which combine higher vertical resolution with lower power consumption.

AD2CP blue light illuminates when power is applied and blinks when the transmitter is active. Deploy the instrument with the utmost confidence that it is operating.

The Signature55 employs  a three axis  magnetometer and two  tilt measurements to  derive compass readings. Taking advantage of  multi GB recorder sizes,  the Signature55 collects  and stores all sensor data,  as part of the standard  AD2CP data structure.  This allows the user to  remove the influence of magnetic materials on the compass  as long as the instrument rotates at least 180 degrees during  deployment. The resulting hard iron correction improves the  estimate of current direction.

Key Features

3 beams.

AD2CP architecture.

1000m profiling range.

Ethernet interface.

16GB data storage.

Accurate compass calibration.

Broadband processing.

Ultra fast download capability.