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Magellan ProFlex 500 GNSS Receiver

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  • Magellan ProFlex 500 GNSS Receiver
Magellan ProFlex 500 GNSS Receiver

Designed by our GNSS experts, the new Magellan ProFlex 500 GNSS Receiver is a powerful positioning solution that delivers state-of-the-art RTK features in a rugged, highly integrated receiver design. Embedded BLADE™ technology ensures powerful RTK performance and a patented way to use multiple GNSS constellations for high accuracy positioning and surveying solutions. The Magellan ProFlex 500 GNSS Receiver works as either a base or a rover and is available with different application packages to adapt  to various customer needs.

Its innovative design makes it the ideal solution for onboard system integration it can be mounted easily on a machine or vehicle for land or sea operations and it is also a perfect back-pack rover or reference station solution for precise land surveying. The Magellan ProFlex 500 GNSS Receiver offers GPS + GLONASS + 20 years of field-proven Magellan technologies. It is made to withstand harsh environments, and gives you maximum flexibility in the field.

Key Features

Fast initialization and centimeter accuracy at long-range.

Unique BLADE technology for full benefit of any available GLONASS corrections.

Unique built-in communication features.

Rugged design for demanding work environments.

Advanced multi-path mitigation and robust signal tracking for maximum data reliability.

Interoperability with any vendor's reference station transmitting GPS+GLONASS L1/L2.

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