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Innomar SES 2000 Compact

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  • Innomar SES 2000 Compact
Innomar SES 2000 Compact

The Innomar SES 2000 compact model is the smallest member of the Innomar SES 2000 sub bottom profiler family. It was designed for inshore surveys in shallow water down to 400 metres water depth, but can also be used in coastal areas. Because of its small size and weght this system is convenient even on the smallest boat. Controlled via Ethernet using any Windows based PC or laptop it is a user friendly and affordable design, too. The Innomar SES 2000 compact model acquires full waveform data that can be processed with any seismic software (SEG-Y format). Innomar also provides the ISE post processing software specialized on the Innomar SBP data.

Key Features

SLF full waveform data acquisition (sub-bottom data).

Multi-ping mode for maintaining a high pulse rate for water depths more than 50 meters.

Multi-frequency signals.

Sidescan extension (100kHz; cannot operate simultaneously with SBP).

DC power supply (either built-in or external).

Pre-configured laptop PC (control unit).

Transducer mounting bracket.

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