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Applied Acoustics Squid Sparkers

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Applied Acoustics Squid Sparkers
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The Squid 500, Squid 2000 and Delta Sparkers  are used for high resolution applications with  low electrical power input and high penetration.  The small Squid 500 is used with a  Boomer/Sparker HV cable and is buoyed-off by any suitable device available.

The Squid 2000 is a catamaran based device  capable of higher power input. Stable when  under tow, the catamaran is easily deployed  and also easily adjusted for array depth for the  best possible pulse shape. The horizontal  planar array ensures an optimal ‘footprint.’

The Delta Sparker is a large device designed for  high penetration and as such offers a lower  frequency sound pulse than the two smaller  ‘Squid’ designs. Integral buoys are supplied  with adjustable depth capability. It can be split in two for ease of shipping.

Different sparker tips can be used with all  sparkers to increase resolution or penetration  as required. Sub metre resolution and the  ability to produce excellent data to hundreds  of metres penetration ensure that the AAE  sparkers are the proven tool for a wide variety  of sub-bottom profiler applications.

Key Features

Squid 500:  800 mm long x 150 mm diameter; 3kg.

Squid 2000:  1250 mm long x 900 mm wide x 500 mm high; 40kg.

Delta Sparker:  2500 mm long x 350 mm wide x 250 mm high; 50kg (approx).