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Wave Radar Rex

Wave Radar Rex Microwave radar is a perfect medium for the extreme demands of the harsh offshore environment. The downward looking non contact sensor uses a microwave radar technique to measure distance to the sea surface. Sampled at high frequency the radar pulses provide an exceptionally stable and accurate measurement of sea surface profile. The microwave signals are very low in power and present no safety hazard. Information is continuously collected and processed to provide precision distance measurement outputs to a data bus. Output values can be displayed and stored to industry standards on a remote PC or may be interfaced to multi­parameter environmental monitoring systems. Output values can also be displayed on an optional remote display unit, model  RDU40.

Key Features

Safety status monitoring.

Structural monitoring.

Weather forecasting.

Air gap studies.

Sea state assessment for operations.

Input to MetOcean systems.

Water level observations.

Wind farm monitoring.

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