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CDL MiniTilt

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CDL MiniTilt
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The Teledyne CDL MiniTilt is an OEM, surface or subsea Pitch and Roll sensor. It provides an accuracy of 0.05 degrees in both  axes over the full 360 degree range. The unit can be provided  in a surface or subsea (3,000m or 6,000m rated) package or can  be supplied in an accurately machined mounting frame for OEM  applications.

The MiniTilt is highly compatible with existing Pitch and Roll  sensors. It uses a bank of 6 internal option switches to provide a  total of 32 different output data formats.

The zero point can be factory set to any position. This allows  for unusual mounting arrangements where the MiniTilt can be  placed horizontally rather than vertically. The zero point can be  set to any mark on the 360° angle so even offset mounting arrangements  can be handled.

Key Features

High Accuracy (0.05°) Low Cost.

3000m Depth Rated.

6000m Optional.

Full 360 Degree Range.

Gyro Heading Input.

32 Data Strings Options.