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  • CDL MiniPOSNAV 3
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MiniPOSNAV3 is Teledyne CDL’s highest accuracy integrated  navigation solution for ROV and AUV applications, providing  True North Seeking Heading,  Attitude,  Pitch and Roll, and DVL  data. This full Inertial Navigation System (INS) operates with  multiple aiding options (USBL, LBL, DVL and GPS), is hardware  independent and can work with any USBL or LBL system and  with a variety of topside software packages.

The MiniPOSNAV3 eliminates almost all of the inherent noise  and availability issues of traditional positioning systems. Developed  from the successful MiniPOSNAV, the MiniPOSNAV3 has  increased accuracy capabilities, aided positioning from most  subsea constructions, inspection and survey related tasks for  ROV and AUVs. System options include: connectors mounted on
the top or side, as well as the option to include a Valeport mini- IPS (0.01% scale factor) depth sensor.

This system can also form an integral part of a Mid Water Station  Keeping System; by fusing the INS, DVL and USBL it can  produce a highly stable INS solution feeding precise position,  acceleration and rotation information directly to the closed loop  control system on the ROV/AUV at update rates of 50Hz.

Key Features

Full INS Capability.

Integrated RDI Navigator DVL.

RLG Optical Technology – No Moving Parts.

High Accuracy Heading, Pitch and Roll.

Low Noise, High Update Rate Solution.

USBL, LBL, GPS and DVL Aiding.

Proven Mid Water Station Keeping Capability.

Depth Options to 6000m.