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Valeport Midas SVX2 Combined SVP/CTD

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  • Valeport Midas SVX2 Combined SVP/CTD
Valeport Midas SVX2 Combined SVP/CTD

The Valeport Midas SVX2 is the latest version of Valeport’s unique instrument. Recognising the conflict faced by users requiring the superior Sound Velocity data from an SVP, but still needing the Salinity and Density data from a CTD, the Valeport Midas SVX2 combines both technologies to give the best of both worlds. Now fitted with a 0.01% pressure sensor as standard, the Valeport Midas SVX2 also uses synchronised sampling to ensure perfect profiles, and since the digital time of flight sound velocity sensor is the most accurate in the world, it’s also possible to compare the true sound velocity data with that generated by commonly used equations.

The Valeport Midas SVX2 is fitted with Valeport’s digital time of flight sound velocity sensor, high stability conductivity sensor, a high accuracy temperature compensated piezo-resistive pressure transducer, and a fast response PRT temperature sensor.

Key Features

Regular output from all sensors at 1, 2, 4 or 8Hz.

Regular sampling pattern, where instrument takes a number of readings, then sleeps for a defined time.

Data is output as a chosen parameter changes by a set value, usually Pressure for profiling.

Instrument sleeps until a selected parameter reaches a set value.

Instrument sleeps until predefined start time.

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