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  • BIRNS BlackBIRN II ROV Mount

The BIRNS BlackBIRN-II ROV-Mount Oil Leak Detection System the BIRNS model 7715, is extremely durable and rugged the most powerful of its class, and makes it fast and easy for Remotely Operated Vehicles to locate underwater oil leaks. It  produces >1,250μW/cm2 of UV energy at the 360nm UV spectral peak, has a depth rating of 2,000m and is rugged enough to withstand nearly any abuse ROV operations can throw at it. The complete system includes one Model 7710 UV light, one Model 3064 ROV mount ballast with metal shell connectors, one 17F-052 3m interconnecting cable and one 17F-053 3m Power to Ballast cable. All underwater connectors are BIRNS heavy duty MSG-3-CP style for maximum durability, indexed and sealed with redundant dual captivated o-rings. Other power cable lengths are available (specify 120 or 240 VAC when ordering.)

The UV filter is incorporated into the rugged domed front pressure port with no separate filter required. No wasteful support “baffle” plate is required for the lens, the entire lens area transmits UV energy. The front lens of the light is protected from mechanical impact by a heavy duty machined aluminum ring and the housing itself is thick cast aluminum which has been hard anodized, vacuum impregnated (twice) and enamel painted (3 coats). Plus the housing of the ballast is entirely encased in solid polyurethane rubber (PUR) making it impervious to mechanical impact and dive pressures.

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