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Tritech Seanet SCU V5

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  • Tritech Seanet SCU V5
Tritech Seanet SCU V5
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The Tritech Seanet SCU V5 is a multi tasking control unit running under Microsoft Windows™ Embedded, which is installed on an internal solid-state disk. The Seanet SCU allows for complete control of the  software using a Remote Access Terminal (RAT).  This is an ergonomically designed device which  either neatly clips onto the front of the unit or is used as a remote via a cable. The built in mini joystick  on the RAT provides a useful tool for carrying out range and bearing measurements on  sonar data.

A high speed 156kbits-1 communication  system is used within the Tritech Seanet SCU V5 allowing a full suite of Tritech sensors to be  operated over a single twisted pair or, by using  the Tritech MultiComm Junction Box, over an RS232 or fibre optic interface.  Each device connected to the Tritech Seanet SCU V5 runs, in real time, in its own on screen window.

Key Features

High resolution video output.

Multiple input/output ports.

USB ports included.

Flash card reader.

Port activity lights.

RS232, RS485, ARCNET, Ethernet.