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Buckleys D44 PHD 2-40 Roofing Test Kit

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  • Buckleys D44 PHD 2-40 Roofing Test Kit
Buckleys D44 PHD 2-40 Roofing Test Kit
Miscellaneous Electrodes Data Sheet 3
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The Buckleys Roofing Test Kit has been specially created to enable inspectors to quickly and effectively check a roof for pinholes and porosity.  The PHD 2-40 will test non-conductive membranes from 60 microns to  26mm thick. The kit contains all the equipment needed to perform the tests and includes a 50m earth extension lead and a 600mm (24 inch) wide phosphor bronze brush electrode, suitable for most applications.  For faster testing on smooth surfaces, roller electrodes can be utilised, these are available in widths of 500, 600 and 700mm  (see data sheet E3).

Key Features

Clear 3½ digit LCD display of test voltage.

Audible and visual alarm fault indicators.

Power limited output for operator safety.

Pressure safety switch incorporated in handle.

Lightweight and portable.

Variable sensitivity for testing on concrete substrates  or moist surfaces.

Full range of electrodes available.

Calibration Certificate to National Standards supplied.

CE approved.