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Buckleys D4A PHD 2-40 Pinhole Holiday Detector 

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  • Buckleys D4A PHD 2-40 Pinhole Holiday Detector 
Buckleys D4A PHD 2-40 Pinhole Holiday Detector
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Buckleys Pinhole/Holiday Detectors enable inspectors to check quickly and effectively for porosity, pinholes and other faults in a wide range of non conductive coatings and linings.  The PHD 2-40 is suitable for checking coating thicknesses of between 60 microns - 26mm and is widely used in the petro chemical, aerospace, pipeline construction and plastic fabrication industries.  If additional electrodes and accessories are required, the PHD 2-40 can be supplied as a complete kit.  Specific kits are available for testing pipeline coatings  and for checking porosity in roofing membranes.

Key Features

Clear 3½ digit LCD display of test voltage.

Audible and visual alarm fault indicators.

Calibration Certificate to National Standards supplied.

Power limited output for operator safety.

Safety switch incorporated in handle.

Built-in charger unit.

Lightweight and portable.

Variable sensitivity for testing on concrete substrates  or moist surfaces.

Full range of electrodes available.

CE approved.