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Buckleys PD6 Pinhole Holiday Detector Kit

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  • Buckleys PD6 Pinhole Holiday Detector Kit
Buckleys PD6 Pinhole Holiday Detector Kit
Buckleys Pinhole Holiday Detector Accessories

Buckleys products have been extensively used for many years in the petro chemical, aerospace, pipeline construction and plastic fabrication industries.  The PD6 Pinhole/Holiday detector has been specially designed to incorporate new technology and is suitable for checking coating thicknesses of between 4 microns to 576 microns. If additional electrodes and accessories are required, the PD6 can be supplied as a complete kit (see data sheet PD6C).

Key Features

Lightweight & portable,  Easy to use.

Clear LCD with backlight.

Membrane keypad operation.

Microprocessor controlled.

Automatic voltage selector.

Accurate sensitivity control.

Displays electrode DC current.

Adjustable volume control.

Power limited to avoid coating damage.

Existing PHD accessories can be used.

CE compliant.

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