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Buckleys ST-AC 100F Spark Tester

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  • Buckleys ST-AC 100F Spark Tester
Buckleys ST-AC 100F Spark Tester
Buckleys Spark Tester Accessories

Buckleys ST-AC 100F Spark Tester provides a quick and effective means of inspection on thicker coatings and linings. It is particularly useful for checking butt-welded and overlap joints on plastic sheets etc. It can detect flaws and defects in membrane thicknesses of up to 30mm and is extensively used in the petro chemical, pipeline construction, plastic and rubber manufacturing industries.

The ST-AC 100 Accessory Kit has been specially designed to offer a complete testing solution for most applications. Insulated extension rods, electrodes and accessories are available for specific applications. However, to ensure stability of the output voltage, large electrodes should not be used. The maximum recommended size is 150mm for all High Frequency equipment.

Key Features

Strong aluminium case.

Mains powered.

Adjustable output voltage.

Power limited output for operator safety.

2 metre test probe handle lead.

2 metre mains lead.

Large carrying handle.

CE approved.

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