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Diving & Life Support

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HYDRACraft 1500 Diving Daughtercraft

  • HYDRACraft 1500 Diving Daughtercraft
HYDRACraft 1500 Diving Daughtercraft

The HYDRACraft 1500 is a purpose designed 15m long aluminium diving daughtercraft that features a V-bottom hull shape for stability in a stationary diving operation. The vessel is built to meet the stringent requirements of its diving operations clients and statutory institutes like MCA. The HYDRACraft 1500 is equipped with two high performance diesel engines, driving highly manoeuvrable waterjet aft drives achieving a speed of 20 knots. The fully air-conditioned deckhouse provides an uninterrupted panoramic view, and is fitted with 9 seats for diving personnel, 1 seat for the coxswain, and a dive control console for 3-diver operation, a toilet and a kitchenette. The daughtercraft system is designed for the function of conducting diving operations in locations that are not accessible by larger DSVs or for underwater weld inspections. The craft is deployed off a mother vessel via a dedicated launch and recovery davit. The boat has a diving deck at the aft where the diver is dressed and enters the water using a 2m single spine ladder deployed at the aft. There is 350kg A-frame davit that is fitted to the aft of the vessel to be used to recover an injured diver.
Please contact our sales team for a list options and possible configurations for the Daughtercraft.


  • Dive Control with an IMCA compliant 1800WPN 3-Diver Nitrox Panel
  • 3-Diver Amron communications unit
  • 16 Cylinder Diver Gas Cylinder Bank
  • 3-Diver video monitoring and recording system\
  • Rack mounted computer c/w cordless keyboard and mouse
  • 9 seats for diving personnel and 1 for the coxswain



Max. Operational conditions: Launch and recover in sea state 5
Launch Configuration: Side Launching
Boat Speed: 12-20 knots
Propulsion: Diesel Jet
Range: 75nm. Operationally less than 45min from Mother Vessel
Length: 15m
Operation Requirement: Stable platform to conduct weld cleaning and inspection
Davit Configuration: Single arm
Davit SWL: 15t
Duration of Diving: 12 hrs operation, 5 hrs diving at 25m
Type of Diving: Nitrox to 25m, 2 working divers and 1 standby diver to conduct weld cleaning and inspection
Onboard Diving Gas Volume: 50m3 Primary Nitrox Gas storage for each working diver
Compliant to IMCA D015 & D040

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