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Teledyne Explorer DVL

  • Teledyne Explorer DVL
Teledyne Explorer DVL

The navigation solution you’ve been waiting for, the new Teledyne Explorer DVL (Doppler Velocity Log). This product offers a full spectrum of precision navigation solutions designed for your littoral to mid-depth endeavors. The revolutionary phased array transducer delivers the perfor-mance and reliability you’ve come to expect from Teledyne RD Instruments, with the added performance benefits that only phased array technology can provide.

The Piston Array transducer delivers proven Teledyne RDI perfor-mance for depths up to 4000 meters. Explorer’s innovative design consistently delivers high accuracy, precision Doppler navigation and current profiling capability, in a compact package designed to meet the stringent weight and power constraints of today’s next generation vehicles. Remote or self-contained, shallow water or deep, the Explorer family of DVLs has a navigation solution ideally suited for your unique system requirements.

Key Features

Phased array transducers deliver increased performance at a reduced size, weight, and profile.

Piston array transducers deliver increased depth rating, reduced size, weight, and profile.

Compact design ideally suited for next-generation littoral platforms.

Self-contained or remote configuration options available to meet your needs.

Flexible design facilitates easy communication with other sensors.

Teledyne RDI’s proven bottom-tracking algorithms ensure data quality, reliability, and unmatched performance.

Upgradable to include ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling) capability.

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