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Retro Reflector 6 or 8 way Prism Sets

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  • Retro Reflector 6 or 8 way Prism Sets
Fanbeam 5 Laser Radar System
Guidance Navigation CyScan Laser System
LTX1 Advanced DP Reference Laser

The Retro Reflector 6 or 8 way Prism sets or Clusters are used to mount easily to a handrail (via V bolts supplied) on a Rig or Platform offshore and are used as a strong target for Dynamic Positioning , Laser scanning systems such as LTX1 Advanced DP Reference Laser, Fanbeam 5 Laser Radar System and Guidance Navigation CyScan Laser System. The prism housings are 'O' ring and ring thread sealed against dirt and moisture. The prism glass is further silver and silicon coated. This is to offer an anti fogging solution. If the Prism Face has to be cleaned, a cleaning kit is supplied.

The bracket is Very tough and designed for offshore conditions, is constructed from marine grade aluminium. These are further anodised to complete the anti corrosion process. The marine grade stainless steel V bolts will allow fast and easy fixing to any tube or square up to 70mm diameter.

The unique angles of the individual prisms gives the optimum performance for an 6 or 8 way prism set.

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