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Fanbeam 5 Laser Radar System

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  • Fanbeam 5 Laser Radar System
Fanbeam 5 Laser Radar System
Fanbeam 5 Data Sheet

Fanbeam pioneered the use of laser technology to support swift and accurate laser radar dynamic positioning. The Fanbeam 5 Laser Radar System works by sending out an invisible laser beam from the Fanbeam 5 unit, which is usually mounted over the aft of the vessel. This laser beam is reflected from a specifically designed Reflector 6 to 16 way Prism set target mounted on the installation, and received back into the Fanbeam 5 Laser Radar System unit.

It’s the combined design of our targets, Fanbeam 5 Laser Radar System unit, software and interface that make Fanbeam the preferred laser-based reference position system. Our range of data ouputs, and the experience of fleets in combining Fanbeam with a range of other sensors and dynamic positioning systems, make it ideal either for holding a vessel in station, or for moving a vessel with high levels of accuracy.

Fanbeam 5 software, installed on the DNV Type-approved embedded PC, is designed to give DPOs the data they need to act swiftly and with confidence, while allowing for a high degree of personalisation, through filters and interface setup. In addition to target-acquisition and tracking benefits, Fanbeam’s software and interface speed up operations.

Key Features

Makes target acquisition and tracking more reliable.

Gives DPOs clear and simple access to the data they need.

Fanbeam uses advanced, intelligent algorithms to predict position, calculate confidence and suggest solutions to difficulties encountered during operations.

Offers service models that keep your fleet working, wherever vessels are in the world.


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