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Imagenex 837B Delta T 300m

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  • Imagenex 837B Delta T 300m
Imagenex 837B Delta T 300m

The Imagenex 837B Delta T 300m Profiler is a multiple receiver sonar system designed to provide video like imaging with all the advantages of underwater sonar. Innovative digital signal processing is used to optimize data usage from all channels to achieve the best possible resolution at every point in the field of view. Recent advances in computing power have made it possible to transfer and process this data at resolutions equal to computer monitor resolution, and with image frame rates of better than 20 frames per second.

The Delta T system has been designed from the ground up with the most advanced, high accuracy, low power electronic components available to provide breakthroughs in system power consumption, package size, and price. This advanced electronics package has built in flexibility and programmability to accommodate a wide range of transducer arrays. Thus, the Imagenex 837B Delta T 300m is the first in a family of new technology products which will have imaging and profiling capabilities to suit your underwater application. Imagenex sonars: advancing underwater imaging capability for the everyday user.

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