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Imagenex 881L Digital Multi Frequency Imaging Sonar

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  •  Imagenex 881L Digital Multi Frequency Imaging Sonar
Imagenex 881L Digital Multi Frequency Imaging Sonar

The Imagenex Model 881L Gyro Stabilization makes the high resolution Multi Frequency Imaging Sonar into a system capable of crystal clear visualization of the ocean environment from moving platforms, no longer compromised by the blurring effects of host vehicle rotation. An advanced, low drift gyro is integrated directly into the sonar head, so the sonar can now compensate for vehicle motion in real time with unprecedented accuracy, stability, and robustness.

The enhanced capabilities of the Imagenex 881L Digital Multi Frequency Imaging Sonar have not compromised the performance of the Imagenex 881L sonar. Using Ethernet communications, this all in one, high performance digital imaging sonar can still exceed 100 shots per second on short range at up to 2mm range resolution, and can auto adjust acoustic frequency and resolution to scan up to a 200m radius 360° surrounding area.

The Imagenex 881L Digital Multi Frequency Imaging Sonar still has low power, a simple setup, and small size that make it an ideal tool for large work ROV’s and small inspection vehicles. On it’s own it is now an amazingly simple drop sonar and borehole inspection package just add a laptop computer and power supply and run the included Imagenex software.

Key Features


Programmable (format available).

Gyro stabilized transducer steering.

Simple set-up and installation.

Full scale range from 2m to 200m.

Orientation module.

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