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Hydro-Lek 2150 Pan and Tilt

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  • Hydro-Lek 2150 Pan and Tilt
Hydro-Lek 2150 Pan and Tilt

The Hydro-Lek 2150 Pan and Tilt unit has become the industry standard for many hydraulic ROV's in service today. It has the smallest arc of pan of any work class unit on the market. Constructed from 316 SS and HE 30 Aluminium incorporating a hydraulic slip ring assembly, enables all the plumbing to be kept rigid eliminating moving hoses. Pan 360° Tilt 120°, Weight 3.3Kg in water.

Key Features

Unique slip ring and tilt action ensures camera swept arc is kept to a minimum.

Lightweight, weighs only 4.5Kg, Hydraulically operated.

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