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Kongsberg RADius 1002 Relative Positioning System

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  • Kongsberg RADius 1002 Relative Positioning System
Kongsberg Radius 550x Battery Operated Transponder
Kongsberg RADius 1002 Relative Positioning System

The Kongsberg RADius 1002 Relative Positioning System measures distance and bearing between a moving vessel equipped with RADius sensor heads and retro-reflective transponders mounted on the target that the vessel is approaching. Multiple RADius sensor heads onboard increase the angle at which the transponder signal can be received, which allows further flexibility to navigate on approach to the transponder equipped target. This in turn provides more freedom and safer manoeuvring.

Key Features

Multiple sensor heads.

Autodetection of transponders.

Measuring and output of range and bearing.

Wide opening angles secure close-by operations.

No moving parts.

Multi user feasibility.

Multiple transponder capability.

Operates in all weather conditions, also extreme cold.

Complementary to existing GPS reference system.

Designed to meet all IMO DP Class requirements.

Both battery and fixed power operated transponders.

Operates in license free radio band.

ATEX certified transponders.

Easy to deploy and adapt.

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