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The CDL Tiny Optical Gyro System - Surface (TOGS-S) is a fully IMO certified, low cost fibre optic gyro (FOG) based north seeking compass that can be used on all types of surface vessels from large displacement ships to small high speed vessels. The extremely small size of the CDL TOGS-S unit allows the system to be used for many surface applications where space is at a premium. CDL TOGS-S rapidly settles on its full heading accuracy of 0.5° secant latitude RMS. CDL TOGS-S is extremely flexible; it can operate in conjunction with GPS to provide a robust heading solution for surface vessels. TOGS-S also provides pitch and roll outputs to accurately track these aspects of any vessel’s performance.

Key Features

MED Type approved.

Ultra low power.

Multiple output protocols.

Pitch and roll.

Small size, low cost.

Extremely flexible.

Powerful processor for INS functionality.

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