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Knudsen CHIRP 3260 Rack Mount Echosounder

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  • Knudsen CHIRP 3260 Rack Mount Echosounder
Knudsen CHIRP 3260 Rack Mount Echosounder
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Knudsen CHIRP 3260 Rack Mount Echosounder Systems are the next benchmark in scientific sub-bottom profilling echosounders. The CHIRP 3260, is a high power deep water system capable of reaching serious depths up to 10,000m plus. The next generation system replaces the earlier well respected Knusden 320BR echosounder. The CHIRP 3260, a blackbox system housed in a 5U rackmount case for rackmount case for shipboard installation on the rack interface to computer via a USB connection, and is supplied with SounderSuite Windows application software. The CHIRP 3260 incorporates the latest in digital processing technology and specialized chirp and correlation processing algorithms to enhance sub-bottom depth capability.

Available in 2 and 4 channel configuration. The versatile system in particularly well suited to multiple survey roles and includes a wide range of bathymetric frequencies. Most commonly configured for the low frequency combination of 3.5/12kHz, the CHIRP 3260 is designed for full ocean depth requirements where high power output is required.