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Innomar SES 2000 Medium

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  • Innomar SES 2000 Medium
Innomar SES 2000 Medium

The Innomar SES 2000 medium parametric sub-bottom profiler is designed for offshore applications down to 2,000m water depth. The transducer can be either mounted over the side or in the hull. The Innomar SES 2000 medium SBP acquires full-waveform data that can be processed with any seismic software (SEG-Y format). Innomar also provides the ISE post-processing software specialized on the Innomar SES 2000 data.

Key Features

2m - 2000m water depth.

Roll beam stabilization.

Parametric technology.

100kHz primary frequency (85-115kHz).

4 , 5, 6, 8, 10 , 12 & 15kHz secondary SBP frequencies roll stabilisation.

SES Convert data converter software (SES/RAW to SEG-Y, XTF, ASCII).

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