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Survey Equipment

Reson SeaBat T50-P Multibeam Echosounder

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  • Reson SeaBat T50-P Multibeam Echosounder
Reson SeaBat T50-P Multibeam Echosounder

The Reson SeaBat T50-P Multibeam Echosounder is fully frequency agile from 190 to 420 kHz allowing for improved swath performace and reduced survey time under difficult conditions. The Reson SeaBat T50-P is designed for fast mobilization on smaller vessels. The Portable Sonar Processor and sonar head form a compact system, securing minimal interfacing and low space requirements. Combined with the Portable Sonar Processor the Reson SeaBat T50-P provides unprecedented survey data, providing faster operational surveys and reduced processing time.

Key Features

512 beams.

Water column visualization.

Compressed Water Column Data.

Full Water Column Data Logging.

66kHz Sampling Rate.

Frequency Agile (190-420kHz).

Selectable Beam Density /Constant Seafloor Spacing.

Tracker Autopilot.

Teledyne Sonar User Interface, FlexMode, Multi-Detect.

X-Range / Frequency Modulation.

Normalized Backscatter.

Full Rate dual Head with Full Frequency Agility.

Real-time Pipe Detection and Tracking.

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