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Teledyne StreamPro ADCP

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Teledyne StreamPro ADCP

Teledyne StreamPro ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) represents a revolutionary advancement in streamflow measurement. You can accurately measure discharge in shallow streams in a matter of minutes a fraction of the time required using traditional hand held devices. With the Teledyne StreamPro ADCP there’s no need to move from station to station to obtain single point velocity data or compute the discharge by hand; streamflow measurements are obtained in real-time.

Get out of the water: Teledyne StreamPro ADCP can be tethered to be pulled from a bridge, cableway, or tagline pulley system. This greatly improves
operator safety when compared to traditional wading techniques.

Collect high accuracy data: This dramatic advancement in stream flow measurement is made possible by Teledyne RD Instruments Broadband Doppler signal-processing technology, which achieves superior accuracy in velocity measurement.

Go right to work: Teledyne StreamPro ADCP has been designed to allow any level of user to immediately begin collecting high-quality data. The simple and highly intuitive user interface has been designed to ensure proper operation.

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