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Teledyne CARIS HIPS and SIPS
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The CARIS HIPS and SIPS product is a comprehensive bathymetric seafloor imagery and water column data processing software. As part of the Ping-to-Chart™ workflow, HIPS and SIPS can be easily expanded to meet your wider geospatial needs. HIPS and SIPS enables you to process simultaneously multibeam, backscatter, side scan sonar, single beam and LiDAR data. Supporting over 40 industry standard sonar data formats, HIPS and SIPS can easily integrate into any workflow. Proven automated data cleaning filters and algorithms assist in today's high data volume environments. The latest 3D visualization technology for the purpose of hydrography, oceanography and marine science are incorporated in the software making processing and analysis for the hydrographic, oceanographic or any other marine environment very efficient.

HIPS and SIPS now offers 64-bit support, providing users with the ability to handle large multibeam sonar datasets even faster. This additional processing efficiency allows organizations to make significant time savings which is crucial in the marine surveying industry.

Key Features

CARIS knows that accuracy and efficiency are all important in your business which is why the HIPS and SIPS™ solution integrates the processing of bathymetry, water column and seafloor imagery in a single application.

With HIPS and SIPS vast amounts of sonar data can be interrogated at speed making full use of the latest computing power and saving you valuable time.

The software also includes the SIPS Backscatter processing engine and mosaic creation, allowing more information to be extracted from your seafloor measurements with a single additional step.