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Teledyne CDL MiniRLG2

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  • Teledyne CDL MiniRLG2
Teledyne CDL MiniRLG2

The Teledyne CDL MiniRLG2 Ring Laser Gyro has been designed to meet the demands of users and provides a variety of data output formats. It is fully compatible with industry standard acoustic and integrated sensor packages. A pre-set output provides the fast, highly dynamic outputs needed for aided inertial applications. Two more outputs are user selectable for input to survey computers, multibeam sonar, and ROV and AUV control systems. There are two INS variants of this product, the MiniPOS2 and MiniPOSNAV2 systems, both of which give navigation outputs in WGS-84 coordinates. Built into your vehicle control system, these products will allow you to implement functions such as auto hover, waypoints, and autonomous spread over 2 lines.

The Teledyne CDL MiniRLG2 is a high grade inertial measurement unit that meets the ever increasing demands for accurate measurement of attitude, orientation, position, and navigation offshore. It uses ring laser gyro (RLG) technology giving a product that is highly accurate, stable, small and light, and has no moving parts. The MiniRLG2 has a variety of functions, it can be used as a heading, pitch, and roll sensor or as the core of a sophisticated inertial measurement unit taking aiding inputs from Doppler Velocity Log, GPS, velocity, and depth sensors.

Key Features

Survey Gyrocompass.

DVL, GPS Aiding.

Heave Surge Sway O/P.

Upgrade Path to MINIPOS2.

Highly Rugged, no Moving Parts.

RLG Optical Technology.

Variable Data Output.

Light Weight.

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