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ScanFish Katria

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The ScanFish Katria is an intelligent wide-sweep underwater remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV) solution for time-efficient magnetometer/UXO survey operations. As it comes with high-sensitivity underwater magnetometers for maximum target detection efficiency it is an effective tool for detection of sub-bottom magnetic anomalies including UXO.

The terrain-following operation mode of the intelligent ROTV ensures that it maintains wide and dense coverage at a fixed height as close to the seabed as possible depending on the topography. This equals high-quality data. Magnetometer quality and performance are key to successful subsea surveys. Therefore, the magnetometer type included in the ScanFish Katria is the Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer. This is a high-end yet low-cost solution and the most used in the industry, and a perfect fit for subsea UXO detection. As the ScanFish Katria is towed at a distance, any type of vessel can be used without risking the survey data being affected by its magnetic signature.

Key Features

Effective magnetic anomaly detection through optimal positioning of multiple magnetometers.

Reduced survey time through wider magnetometer coverage in one sweep.

Monitoring and complete control of the remotely operated towed vehicle through the user-friendly ScanFish III Flight software.

A long service life through quality materials and easily replaced wear parts.

Reduced risk of the solution suffering damages through robust design.

A potential turn-key magnetometer survey solution through a complete list of optional extras.