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ScanFish Konia

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The ScanFish Konia is a unique ROTV solution with an integrated high-quality SVP sensor enabling continuous data acquisition that will streamline your MBE survey operations both in terms of costs and data quality. You save money by saving time with the ScanFish Konia as it permits underway acquisition and continuous processing of real-time data. Consequently time is saved since the vessel will not make the stops that a stationary profiling system would require.

This adds up to several hours saved in the course of only one survey operation, equalling reduced survey time and a ROI break-even point that is reached in only a couple of months. Motion, pressure and altitude sensors enable the intelligent ScanFish Konia to constantly undulate, profiling the water column in a V-curved path at a steady velocity. This translates to highly accurate sound velocity profiling through even data acquisition, thereby ensuring an optimal base for the MBE data.

Key Features

Continuous acquisition and processing of high-quality data
through the combination of an ROTV with an integrated state-of-the-art SVP sensor.

Sound velocity profiling of the water column through an adjustable V-curved undulation path.

Monitoring and complete control of the vehicle through the user-friendly ScanFish III Flight software.

A long service life through quality materials and easily replaceable wear parts.

Reduced risk of damages through robust design and an intelligent anti-collision feature.

Reduced risk of downtime through pre-calibrated spare sensor heads.