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WindMaster 3-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer

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  • WindMaster 3-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer
WindMaster 3-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer

The Gill WindMaster 3-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer is a precision anemometer offering three-axis wind measurement data. This instrument will monitor wind speeds of 0-65m/s and provides sonic temperature, speed of sound and U, V & W vector outputs at 32Hz as standard. The unit also features improved vertical (W) resolution and speed of sound accuracy and less distortion due to wind loading. Each WindMaster Pro can be calibrated with an optional Gill wind tunnel test to provide optimum performance. Optional analogue inputs and outputs plus a PRT are available with 14 bit resolution. This anemometer is of stainless steel external construction and is particularly suitable for precision wind measurement applications requiring 3-axis data involving high wind speeds.

Key Features

Precision 3-Axis sonic anemometer.

32Hz output rate.

0-65m/s wind speed.

0-359° wind direction.

U, V, W vector outputs.

Sonic temperature output.

Stainless steel construction.

Optional custom calibration.

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