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EXO 2 Brochure
EXO2 Comparison with 6600V2

Quick and Easy Calibration - Complete calibration in less than 15 minutes using EXO’s suite of smart sensors and intuitive KOR interface software. Sondes can now be turned around and redeployed in the timespan of a typical sample interval.

Go Wireless - Set up, calibrate, and deploy your instrument without a single cable. No more trips to the field and discovering you don’t have the right cables. The wireless handheld and sonde are the perfect pair.

Reduce Biofouling - There’s no escaping biofouling in underwater measurements. To keep it from interfering with data, EXO uses copper-alloy parts and anti-fouling wipers to prolong deployments and improve data accuracy.

Smart Controls for Quality Data - Guided calibration and sensor feedback make EXO an extremely reliable water monitoring platform. Guided prompts and internal calibration logs not only speed up the calibration, but reduce the opportunity for errors.

Smart Probes. Smart Ports - Never worry a bad probe will compromise your data. Active port monitoring automatically detects sensors and, if damage to a sensor occurs, can shut down that port to prevent damage to the sonde or other sensors.

Smart Sonde - Onboard monitoring systems automatically scan for configuration errors, monitor memory status, and verify sensor operation. Numerous onboard tests ensure successful deployments.

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