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AGO PID05V Three Phase Winch

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  • AGO PID05V Three Phase Winch
PID05V Brochure

The PID-05V is a compact towing electric winch designed for oceanographic and Geophysical applications. It can used to tow side scan sonar, sub bottom profilers, magnetometer towing, and to deploy CTDs and rosette water sampling.

Much of the proven features used on the successful CSW7 series of winches have been used in the design of this compact three phase winch. It is powerfull enough to safely deploy heavier payloads on longer cables without losing the fine control and speed. A stainless steel gearbox and motor are married with the latest highly efficient inverter drive to provide a compact yet robust drive.

These winches can be adapted to suit the client's particular application. If you require a different specification just ask and we will provide a bespoke version tailored to meet your needs.

PDF's of the brochure and layout can be downloaded from the pdf tab.

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