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Sonardyne 8190 Wideband Mini Transponder (6G)

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  • Sonardyne 8190 Wideband Mini Transponder (6G)
USBL Product Guide 2012
8190 Specification Sheet
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Sonardyne's existing Wideband Sub-Mini transponder (WSM) is typically interrogated by a responder trigger down the ROVs' umbilical or a narrow band tone signal.

In some situations, reverberation or multi-path of the tone interrogation can cause interference problems. The new WMT is Sonardyne's first mini-sized transponder It is slightly larger than the WSM and provides full two-way Wideband interrogation and reply which completely mitigates interference from and to other users.

For use on ROVs, the WMT includes responder trigger, an integrated rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack that is charged from the ROV's power supply, and full RS232 communications enabling channel set up, power and gain etc. to be changed from the surface.

The WMT is available in three depth versions: 3,000 m, 5,000 m and 7,000 m. The 5,000 m and 7,000 m versions have a higher acoustic output power level for improved long range operation.

An On/Off switch (3,000 m only) helps ensure the battery pack is not discharged when not in use. If an umbilical trigger is not available, then the full Wideband transponder mode provides excellent USBL performance in a small, lightweight package.

The main body of the transponder can then be installed within the ROV frame where it is well protected from damage. Transducers can then be replaced easily if damaged.