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Applied Acoustic Engineering CSP-D 700 High Voltage Power Supplies

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  • Applied Acoustic Engineering CSP-D 700 High Voltage Power Supplies
CSP-D specifications

The CSP-D range represents the latest in a long line of products constantly setting industry standards for performance. With the advantage of improved technologies, these units have quickly become the benchmark ‘work-horse’ seismic power supply.

The CSP-D range has three versions available all based on the same chassis and all with a charging rate of 1500J/second, producing up to 700J, 1200J or 2400J per shot respectively. The unit available from GSE is the CSP-D700 with an energy output at 100-700 Joules, ideal for AA201 and AA301 boomer plates, and sufficient energy for Squid 501 Sparker. 

The unique innovative feature of the CSP-D is the dual voltage output, giving the product exceptional versatility. By adjusting the voltage output, switchable on the front panel, greater penetration can be achieved from the boomer plate sound source.

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