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Hach Lange HQ30D Dissolved Oxygen Meter (Optical Sensor)

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  • Hach Lange HQ30D Dissolved Oxygen Meter (Optical Sensor)

Have confidence in your oxygen readings. High Quality Digital - HQD means complete, coordinated, stable meters with practical accessories and intelligent electrodes. What makes HQD special is the newly developed INTELLICAL electrodes, which store all relevant characteristic parameters in digital form. In practice, this means they measure oxygen correctly, more reliably, flexible and simpler than ever before.

HQD communicates clearly - this was a priority for HACH LANGE with clear, legible text on the illuminated display. The intuitive menu structure is user friendly and ensures smooth, error-free handling. From one-touch measurements to the programming of complex tasks, you will appreciate the plain language of HQD.

Calibrating oxygen electrodes is history. Today there is LDO - the dissolved oxygen sensor without drift, without electrolyte, without membrane clogging. The new measurement principle (LDO stands for Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen) has revolutionised oxygen measurement. Instead of frequent calibration and electrolyte replacement, you simply change the sensor cap once each year. Using LDO saves time and money from the very first day of use in every application.

For a full description and specifications please download the attached PDF.

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