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DIVESAFE, O2 Analyser

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The DIVESAFEO2 O2 Monitor is a device for measuring O2 concentrations in breathable gas mixtures used in a variety of applications such as diving, medical and industrial environments.

Length x Width x Depth: 143mm x 92mm x 40mm
Operating Temp: 5oC, +30oC
Display Type: 31/2 digit LCD
Display Accuracy: 0.1% oxygen
Range: 0-100%
Resolution: ±1% of value displayed
Update: 4 times per sec
Response Time: <13 sec to 90% of final value @ 25oC
Accuracy and Repeatability Linearity Error: 3% relative1% vol. O2, when calibrated at 100% vol
Manual Alarm Setting: High and Low O2
Automatic Alarm Setting: High and Low O2 performed by monitor
High O2 Alarm Range: 19-101%
High O2 Alarm Range: 0-99%
Low Alarm Indication: High frequency  pulsed audible tone and flashing LED
High Alarm Indication: Low frequency pulsed audible tone and flashing LED
Alarm Silence: Audible Alarm with MUTE key
Battery: 3 x AA / 1.5V alkaline batteries
Protection Class: Ip40

Order Detail:

Divesafe O2 Analyser D-GA-205
Replacement O2 Sensor for Divesafe O2 Analyser D-GA-205-01
Divesafe O2 Analyser with Hydra MK II retrofit bracket D-GA-262