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Drager Gas Analysis Tubes

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Drager Analysis Tubes are packed in sealed cartons of 10 tubes. Used in conjunction with the Drager Accuro Hand Pump, they provide analysis of gases such as: Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Oil Mist and Water Vapour. The ends of the glass tube must both be broken off, ideally with the tool contained in the test kit and then inserted into the pump. The number of strokes to be made of the pump to provide the correct volume of gas is labelled on each packed. The concentration of the gas being measured is shown in parts per million (ppm) on the side of the tube.


  • Easy to use ad already calibrated
  • Allows for quick measurement
  • Compact gas analysis solution

Order Detail:

Drager Oxygen Test Tube D-GA-215
Drager Carbon Dioxide Test Tube FULL 1 D-GA-216
Drager Oil Test Tube D-GA-217
Drager Water Vapour Test Tube D-GA-218


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