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Marine & Subsea

Mass Flow Excavation System

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Mass Flow Excavation System

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The MFE system offers several advantages over other dredging techniques:

  • No physical contact with the seabed or seabed assets
  • No need to dispose of spoil
  • Real-time sonar imaging of the work site and progress
  • Continuously variable power
  • Utilisation from small, economic vessels
  • Effective on a wide range of substrates, including sand, rock dump and clays.

The tool is deployed over the side of a vessel or barge using LARS, vessel crane or an A-Frame, clump weights are used to stabilise and help keep the orientation of the tool while under operation.

The tool is remotely operated from the deck, the TOS/DMS MFE tool works by creating a column of water which is controlled remotely by the operator from the control room and can be varied in volume and pressure depending on the seabed condition. The water column then effectively begins to
excavate the seabed.

Using real-time multi-beam sonar imaging we are able to excavate with precise measuring of depth and width of the required areas, it also allows us to work in more constrained areas such as conductor bays and platform jackets. Using our MFE tool also eliminates the risk of coming into any physical contact with subsea assets, as our tool generally hangs 2m above the seabed or any other subsea assets or structures.

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