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Teledyne Odom Echotrac CV100

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  • Teledyne Odom Echotrac CV100
Teledyne Odom Echotrac CV100

The Teledyne Odom Echotrac CV100 is a digital age echo sounder, If your survey does not require traditional paper records, then forget about piles of hard copy as the Odom Echotrac CV100 has eliminated all that in favor of digital imaging on a PC-based data acquisition system.

With the same technology as the popular Echotrac CV and
Echotrac MKIII, including Ethernet communications, Teledyne
Odom’s CV100 single or dual channel sounder is ready to simplify your transition to the convenience of an all-digital system.

Key Features

Frequency agile receiver.

Depth range 30cm to 600m.

Lightweight - 5kg (11lbs).

Desktop or bulkhead mountable.

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