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  • Sound Metrics ARIS Explorer 3000

With 128 distinct physical beams operating at 3 MHz, the ARIS
Explorer 3000 can provide higher resolution than any other imaging sonar in its class with unprecedented image clarity even in dark or turbid waters with dual frequencies, dynamic focusing, multiple recording and output options, background subtraction and innovative software. Teamed with the ARIS Rotator AR2 on a tripod, polemount or ROV, the ARIS Explorer line opens up exciting new possibilities of underwater discovery.

Key Features

Dual Frequency Operation: 3.0 MHz & 1.8 MHz.

High-Definition Imagery,Capable of Close Range Imaging.

Dynamic Focus, Built in Compass & Depth Gauge.

Compact & Lightweight, Low Power Requirement.

Easy Integration, Ethernet Interface.

Windows™ Based Software.

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