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Retromat is a standard concrete stabilisation mattress with a built-in cathodic-protection system made up of many small aluminum or ICCP anodes cast directly into the concrete.

The system is designed to provide cathodic protection for pipelines at crossings or for assets in unstable seabed conditions. Rather than transporting pre-poured concrete, we ship a complete mat's worth of anodes and empty shells that conveniently clip together so that local crews can assemble the mat and fill it with concrete onsite.

A cathodic protection retrofit using Retromat provides not only all stabilisation required, but as much as 30 years of cathodic protection for up to 3 miles of pipeline, depending on existing CP potentials and the operator’s needs.

Developed to provide cathodic protection at pipe crossings, Retromats have patented non-shielding soft pads on the underside and can be loaded with aluminum or zinc anodes, making them suitable for all types of water chemistry from seawater to river water.

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