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  • Profi-C™ is a modelling and benchmarking package which measures factors affecting productivity. 
  • Look-C™ is a historical maintenance performance review package, measuring equipment performance and reliability.
  • Safe-C™ is a safety integrity assurance tool. It is used to map performance standard assurance tasks to maintenance plans and facilitate integration with CMMS systems.
  • For-C™ is a real time deferment logging package. The package enables an operator to collect and record deferment information, the timeline of occurence and the impacts. 
  • M-C™: Maintenance Strategy Alignment is a first stage high-level and improve tool. M-C shows the situation now and indicates to maintenance management the economics of their current maintenance operations. 
  • Brownfield Optimiser gives a clear picture of where lack of productivity occurs in the asset across plant, process, production, technical integrity and people.
  • Asset-C is an asset register builder tool used to automate the creation of an asset register and its technical hierarchy. 
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