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Wire Rope Inspection & Monitoring System

Wire Rope Inspection & Monitoring System

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  • Wire Rope Inspection & Monitoring System
Wire Rope Inspection and Monitoring System

Magnetic NDT of wire rope is a recognized method in regular use for inspection in deep mines and cableways for a better part of three decades.

Condition Monitoring

Permanently installed on cranes, elevators, & cableways, the system allows constant monitoring and data logging of the wire rope condition, allowing for trending and establishing predictive maintenance schedules. The process eliminates downtime for unexpected activities such as rope replacement, and helps the budget by only replacing the wire rope when necessary or during planned maintenance schedules.

Periodic Testing

The system is portable and lightweight enabling use during planned inspections and maintenance periods

The system uses a method based on the magnetization of the wire rope, detecting discontinuity such as broken wires or corrosion pits through special sensors as the rope passes through the device.

It is a dual function device, detecting both local faults (LF) and total change of metallic area (LMA) such missing wires, continued corrosion, and abrasion not readily identified through visual inspection.

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