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Load Measurement Systems

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Standard Load Links
Standard Load Shackles
Crane Load Measuring and Monitoring
Load Measurement and Monitoring Systems

Water Weights has extensive knowledge of customer requirements and desired functionality. Building on this experience, we design and build crane load measuring and monitoring systems that are of high quality, reliable and easy to install, calibrate and maintain. Applications include load measuring, monitoring and cut off above, below and in the hook itself for the highest accuracy. 

Standard Load Measuring

Standard load measuring products include portable tension load links (wired and telemetry) and load measuring shackles (wired and telemetry). Both are available for rent (up to 800 ton) and sale (unlimited). Download the catalog for more information.

Customized Load Measuring

Our systems provide real-time measurement of critical components and assemblies to support either the daily operation or long-term maintenance of the crane.

Applications include: 
  • Above the hook (sheaves, drums. trolleys)
  • Below the hook (links, shackles, canisters, beams)
  • In the hook block (trunnion, sheave pin, hook)
  • Rope dead-end (A2B, wedge socket, clamp-on, line rider)
  • Cabled or wireless telemetry

WATER WEIGHTS® also stocks a wide range of other load measuring equipment in our rental fleet, running line tension meters, compression load cells, etc. Datalogging, winch monitoring, and other options are available. If you require to purchase any type of standard or custom load measurement solutions - just ask what we can do for you. Download the catalog for more information.

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