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Subsea & Specialist Load Cells

Water Weights through its group companies and suppliers have a long history of supply to the Oil and Gas Industry in terms of equipment, systems, and service. One of the longest standing is the supply of subsea load cells and transducers designed and built to withstand the corrosion, pressure and arduous conditions of temporary or permanent subsea deployment.

These are constructed from specially treated alloy and stainless steels. Sealing categories range from IP56 through to a fully submersible grade suitable for use in deep-water applications. Full approval for OIML and hazardous applications is also available. With all force measurement applications using strain gauge load cells, the mounting and loading are critical to the accuracy and overall success of the application. Water Weights can offer guidance at the outset of a project, enabling clients to achieve optimum gains from their investment.

Options available include cabled connection, ATEX certification, milli-volt or 4 to 20 mA analog outputs and for those applications where cabling is a challenge, a battery-powered supply source with either radio or sub-sea modem communication.

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