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Fuel Changeover Systems

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The changeover process between high-sulphur content heavy fuel oil (HFO) and low-sulphur content fuels is complex and time-critical. Engine and fuel-system health are dependent on safe, controlled fuel changeovers. The significantly different properties of HFO and low-sulphur content fuels pose a number of challenges that have to be successfully overcome to achieve a controlled, safe fuel changeover. HFO has a naturally high viscosity, while low-sulphur content marine diesel fuels (MDFs) such as marine gas oil (MGO), ultra-low sulphur fuels (ULSFO), light fuel oil (LFO) or diesel fuel oil (DFO) have a low viscosity. The key is to manage and stabilise this viscosity by controlling fuel temperature through heating or cooling. Fuel in the system can have an initial temperature difference of up to 100°C. Temperatures have to be equalised, but to protect the system from thermal shock, it is essential to keep the temperature change rate to a maximum of 2°C/minute. Auramarine’s FuelSafeTM changeover system offers a cost-efficient, rapid method for enabling a vessel to use different fuel types and comply with sulphur emission control area (SECA) requirements. FuelSafeTM is ideal for both newbuilds and retrofits.

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