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On-Site Engineering

Diamond Wire Saws

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Diamond Wire Saws tailored to your
specific project needs

Diamond Wire Cutting Operation

Our adaptable diamond wire cutting system operates on a very simple principle – the deployment of a custom-made diamond wire. The cutting wire is made in a loop and fitted on hydraulically powered driving pulleys, to become a band saw.

The cutting frame can be configured in many different ways, depending on, for example, the direction of cut, or the size and shape of items to be cut. The wire travels through the driving pulleys at high speed, whilst appropriate angulation and proper tension provide the necessary cutting friction.

  • Environmentally friendly - safe and reliable
  • 100% controlled at all cutting stages
  • Easily handled and installed
  • No limitation on the size of the cut
  • Fast cutting performance
  • Diver/ROV friendly
  • Guarantee of cut completion

Typical applications
  • Subsea and topside
  • Subsea pipelines
  • Caisson cutting
  • Multi-String conductor cutting
  • Flexible flow lines
  • Drill string cutting
  • Offshore platform removal/decommissioning
  • Jetty pile refurbishment
  • Reinforced concrete pile/structure cutting

Inline Diamond Wire Saw

Our series of Inline Saws has the broadest operating range in the market – and is simply customised to your specific project needs. The unique design helps to reduce set-up, installation, cutting and removal time, and the small footprint saves valuable deck space.

  • Used for subsea and topside cutting.
  • Operates in any position.
  • Cuts multi-string casing, square piles, steel, and concrete.
  • Easily modified for specialised cuts.
  • Cuts in any orientation – upside-down, right-side up, or at any angle.

Articulating Diamond Wire Saw

Our Articulating Diamond Wire Saw is ideal for cutting multi-string applications or heavy wall legs and cross members.
The vertical stance means it can easily fit in cofferdams or excavations with minimal dredging, where other saws can’t fit. The articulating design requires only 2 feet of clearance around the casing. This saw is ideal for conductor removal.

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