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Portable MS-315e Salinometer

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  • Portable MS-315e Salinometer
Portable MS-315e Salinometer
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The MS-315e provides oceanographers with a reliable shipboard and laboratory method to verify the  performance of sophisticated modern CTD instruments. This salinometer operation is based on the innovative  dual cell concept in which the conductivity of the sample of water is simultaneously compared with the  conductivity of standard seawater. The inductive measuring technique,  and the wide range of conductivity  ratios the MS-315e can measure, increase its versatility such that the conductivity ratio of other fluids (brine)  can also be determined.

Key Features

Ethernet control of sampling.

Thermal stabilisation not required.

Automatic real-time measurements.

Minimises use of Standard Seawater.

High accuracy, short measuring times.

No special environmental controls required.

Sample directly from Niskin bottles, pipelines, reservoirs, and calibration baths.

Small foot print and low weight; easily portable.